These videos and the accompanying notes are from Camp CommunityRun – a two-day training program involving workshops on community organising, strategy, building support for an issue, and using the platform. It was designed to give individuals the skills and knowledge they need to make their campaigns successful, and to empower them to create the change they want to see.

Camp CommunityRun was designed based on ‘Camp Obama’, a training program that was originally used in the USA by the Obama 08 campaign, and was widely acclaimed as a crucial element in the success of their field campaigning. GetUp! has run similar camps before.

We encourage you to watch some or all of the videos, and use them and the notes to build your knowledge in community organising and online campaigning. It’s a good base for running a campaign on CommunityRun.

Training 1: Leadership & the community organising model

Training 2: Public Narrative & Story of Self, Us, Now

Training 3: Strategy

Training 4: Building a Base

Training 5: Bringing it all together (running a campaign on CommunityRun)

Training 6: Social media tips & tricks