Website FAQs

We’ve tried to make using as easy as possible, but below are some questions that are commonly asked by CommunityRun campaigners. If you are wondering about anything that isn’t answered below, feel free to contact us at “” and we’ll add it to the list.


How do I see how many people have signed my campaign?

The signature counter and the list of who recently signed your campaign will appear on your campaign page (under the campaign image) after you have collected a few signatures (~7).

How do I increase my signature targets?

The signature targets will change automatically in line with the amount of signatures you receive, starting at 100 and progressing from there as you collect more signatures. It’s important to adjust targets and keep increasing them with the success of a campaign.

I want to delete my petition.

Go to your manage page, there’s a tab on the right that will allow you to hide your campaign from public view – no one will be able to find it when it is hidden. If you ever want to reactivate it, you can by just signing in, going back to the manage page and selecting the “Reactivate” option.

How do I change the name or edit the text of my campaign?

Go to your campaign management page and click on the “Edit Petition” button in the bottom right hand corner. From here, you can change your campaign title, as well as all the other fields of your campaign petition. When you edit your campaign text, it will go back into the moderation queue.

Why can’t I find my petition in the search or ‘more campaigns’ pages?

When you create a petition it enters the moderation queue (see for more information on terms of service). While it won’t appear on the website for a little while after you create the petition, you are still able to view, manage, and share your petition using its link! Sharing the link around will actually give you more signatures than just having it public on CommunityRun – networks are powerful allies for campaigns. If your petition has not been signed it will not show up on a search. If you still can’t find it, let us know in and we will sort it out.

This applies for editing a petition – if you make changes, your petition will go back into the moderation queue. Don’t be surprised if your petition was in ‘More Campaigns’ or a ‘Featured’ campaign and then it suddenly disappears – it’s likely it’s because you’ve edited the text of the campaign.

Be aware that the CommunityRun team is very small and has limited resources, so if you create or your petition or try to send an email to your supporters after business hours or on the weekend, it may take longer for us to get to it.

Can people sign petitions on their mobiles?

CommunityRun has a mobile version of the campaign pages, so yes, it can be signed using an internet browser on a smartphone. The home page looks the same as the web version, but the campaign pages look a little different. When on a mobile, the user sees the petition text, image etc and then an orange button that says ‘SIGN’. When they click this, they are taken to a page to enter their details and sign the petition (exactly like the sidebar on the right hand side of the web version).

Can I change the URL of my campaign?

Yes but only once so think carefully before you do this! If you go to your campaign management page, you can change the URL of your campaign by clicking on the “Set Short URL” button (in the bottom right hand corner).

Can my supporters contact me?

Yes. On your manage page, there’s a box which you can check if you want your details to be available to your supporters. This will allow them to click the little envelope sign next to your name under the campaign photo and send you an email. If you’d rather they weren’t made public, leave it unchecked.

What happens when I send an email?

When you send an email using the CommunityRun “Email Supporters” tool, the email will first need to be moderated. Once its approved, the email will be sent to all of your supporters from the email address that you logged in with.

Please be aware that due to our limited resources and small team, you may expect a delay in approving your email if you send it after hours or on weekends.

How do I change the email address my emails from?

It’s sometimes a good idea to create an email account for your campaign so that your personal inbox isn’t too crowded (the more supporters you have, the more responses you’ll have when you send an email!). You will also need to create a new CommunityRun account using this new email address, but still in your name. To send emails to your supporters from this account, you’ll have to add this new account as an administrator of the campaign, then log in with this new account.

How do I add another administrator to my campaign?

Being an administrator of a campaign means you can edit the text, download the petition and contact supporters – so be mindful of this before adding someone as an administrator. Log in to your account. On the bottom right hand side of the campaign management page there is a button called “Campaign admins”. Click on this button and enter the email address of the other account you want to make admins. They will be sent an automatic email asking them to accept the invitation. These people (or you!) will need to go to their email inboxes and accept the invitation. Then, the next time they log in, they will be able to manage that campaign.

How do I get a list of my supporters?

You can get a list of your supporters’ names and postcodes by going to your campaign management page and clicking on the “Deliver Petition” button. This will download your petition text, names and postcodes of everyone who has signed the petition. While you are able to email your supporters through the website, privacy laws prevent us from sharing your supporters’ email addresses with you. For more information on this, please visit